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For better or for worse, in today's world people are judged by the way they speak. For no one is this more daunting than for the person who stutters.

Since 2006 The Haven For Stuttering has opened its doors to provide the highest quality speech therapy for those struggling with dysfluency. We understand how stifling stuttering and other dysfluencies can be for a speaker and how it can interfere with work, social life, even relationships.

Our mission is to provide the latest therapies to help the speaker attain a smoother, more confident speech and to overcome the feelings of disappointment and frustration that are an inevitable part of stuttering. We offer treatment for stutterers of all ages and their families utilizing proven methods for superior results and maximum satisfaction.


We specialize in

bullet Customized goals and treatment plans
bullet Embracing cognitive and behavioral
bullet Family counseling
bullet Refresher sessions
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