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Limudei Kodesh Staff
Our staff of Rebbeim for Limudei Kodesh (Torah Studies) is outstanding. They include:
  Menahel:  Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hauer
Rabbi Hauer serves as both Menahel and 9th grade Rebbe.  A graduate of Telshe Yeshiva of Cleveland, he has been teaching at Yeshiva Gedolah since 1982.
  Rabbi Yitzchok Altusky – 11th Grade Rebbe.  Learned at Yeshiva Rabbeinu Yaakov Yosef, Yeshivas Brisk in Israel, and Lakewood.  He has been teaching at the Yeshiva since 1988.
  Rabbi Dovid Gruman – 10th Grade Rebbe
Graduate of Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver; learned at Bais HaTamid Israel and Lakewood.  He has been teaching at Yeshiva Gedolah since 1989.
  Rabbi Doron Jacobius – 12th Grade Rebbe
Learned in several yeshivas, most recently Ateres Shlomo in Eretz Yisroel. Joined Yeshiva this year.
  Rabbi Moshe Rubnitz – 9th Grade Rebbe
Learned at Bais HaTalmud, Yeshivas Brisk, & Lakewood Yeshiva.  He has been a rebbe here since 1996.

  Rabbi Shmuel Baruch Manne – World History Teacher.  Joined the Yeshiva in 2006. (In education since 2002). (more..)
  Beis Medrash
  Rabbi Moshe Yosef Moldaver
Rebbe for the Yeshiva Gedolah Beis Medrash program since it began in 2001.  Learned in the Philadelphia Yeshiva, Brisk Yeshiva, Lakewood Yeshiva, and Kollel of Los Angeles.
  Rabbi Aron Tzvi Gross
Our youngest edition has join our Beis Medrash program in September 2006.  Alumnus of Yeshiva Gedolah; learned in the Philadelphia Yeshiva, Brisk Yeshiva, and Lakewood Yeshiva.
  Rabbi Dovid Revah
Rebbe for the Second Seder in our Beis Medrash Program.  Learned at Yeshiva Gateshead, Brisk and Lakewood.  He has taught at the Yeshiva since 2002.
Secular Staff
Mr. Rick Hepworth – Curriculum Coordinator & Math Teacher (In education since 1977).  Published text and expert on Mira; respected expert on math instruction; member of Eisenhower Math & Science Project. (more..)

Dr. Robert Carskadon – Serves as an educational consultant to the Yeshiva for the secular curriciulum.

Dr. Jonathan Friedman – Teaching all of our science classes.

Mr. Mark Gallarza – Teaches English, American History, and AP History (In education since 2000).
Mr. Josiah Mason – Physical Education instructor (6 years with L.A. Unified School District), started teaching at Yeshiva in 2004. (more..)
Rosh YeshivaRabbi Eliezer Gross
Rabbi Gross learned at Yeshiva of Philadelphia, Lakewood, and the Los Angeles Kollel.  He established Yeshiva Gedolah in September 1978.
Executive Director:  Rabbi Yossi Gross
Rabbi Yossi Gross, who is our executive director and administrator, also has a special relationship with the staff and talmidim of the yeshiva.
Miriam Escovitz
Administrative Assistant
Dvorah Mandelbaum