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Yeshiva Gedolah recently completed its building expansion plans, adding an additional 11,000 square feet to its campus.
Ground floor: Parking structure and gymnasium.
Second floor:   9 new classrooms including a multi-purpose
dining area, a computer lab & a fully equipped
science lab with fume hoods along with acid
experimentation capabilities.
Yeshiva Gedolah began some 30 years ago in its original facility on Cochran Avenue & 3rd Street. Eventually, a second building on 3rd Street was purchased as well. As the Yeshiva outgrew these facilities, we purchased a large building on Cochran & Olympic Blvd in 2001. Yeshiva Gedolah began its Beis Medrash Program soon after the move, and purchased an apartment building next to the Yeshiva which serves as the dormitory for the Beis Medrash students. In addition, a second building was added to the campus in 2008 which provides our students with a dining room, warming kitchen, state-of-the-art science lab, and additional classrooms.