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Batsheva Sheps MS; SLP,TSHH founded THFS in 2004 and serves as President. She is a licensed New York State Speech Language Pathologist and has serviced both mainstreamed clients and individuals with special needs. Her experience covers a wide spectrum of pathologies, severities, ages and settings. She interned at The American Institute for Stuttering located in New York City. Batsheva is affiliated with the Stuttering Foundation of America and National Stuttering Association. She is an experienced professional therapist whose practice focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of clients with dsyfluency.

Batsheva earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Touro College, Israel / New York and received her Masters of Science degree in Speech Pathology from Touro College New York. She is a Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicap for the University of The State of New York Education Department. Batsheva currently resides in Rockland County with her three daughters.


We specialize in

bullet Customized goals and treatment plans
bullet Embracing cognitive and behavioral
bullet Family counseling
bullet Refresher sessions
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