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"Good service, it was a pleasure." J.A.

"I was involved in my sons therapy, I now know what stuttering is and how I can help him" M.J.

"Post treatment I feel educated on how to deal with my childs stuttering. Before I didn't know what to do and now I have a sense of direction" R.Y.

"As a gentleman in my mid-60's I have been blessed with the most wonderful children, and now grandchildren. This year I was fortunate to have had the opportunity for the first time to lead my family's Passover Seder surrounded by three generations of participants. Nothing could temper my enthusiasm about relating our rich heritage to the next generations ---- besides my stutter. I came to THFS together with my wife and we set a treatment plan with a goal to improve my speech by Passover. The sessions were intense and enlightening. Confronting, not avoiding, my speech impediment was not easy but talking all Passover night with the little children listening to my every word was the most fulfilling experience of my life" E.S. sent via email

"The quality of the therapist was very professional, smart and knowledgeable" G.B.

We specialize in

bullet Customized goals and treatment plans
bullet Embracing cognitive and behavioral
bullet Family counseling
bullet Refresher sessions
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